All Republicans are considered "members" of this committee! Even if you cannot attend our meetings or be involved in our planning, you can still help by simply spending 15 minutes each week contacting elected officials who are making decisions and voting on election related bills. 

Here is a list of the Texas state legislators who sit on the Elections Committees. Please contact each one of them and let them know that ballot security is the #1 priority to insure fair and secure ballot boxes.  Even better- forward this email to people you know who live in these legislator's districts and ask them to call or email! Legislators will always give special attention to their own constituents! (You can find info on each legislator's district maps at https:/​

Here is a sample of what you can say or write in an email: 

“Representative/Senator____, I understand you chair (or sit on) the Elections committee. I would like all bills that make our ballots more secure  to have a hearing and be passed to the floor for a vote. We need voter ID for absentee ballots, a more secure system for making sure only citizens who are legally eligible cast a vote, stronger penalties for anyone who commits ballot fraud and a strict process that only allows a family member to assist an elderly or incapacitated relative with their absentee ballot. We also need a paper trail from all machine voting that allows for a full audit as well as stronger enforcement that insures our voter rolls are clean and up to date with only living and eligible voters. No dead voters!  Would you please take these bills up in your committee? We are watching to see what happens. Thank you very much.”

Please contact these TX State Legislature Elections Committee Representatives right away:


Texas House Committee on Elections
Chair: Rep. Briscoe Cain- (512) 463-0733 
Vice Chair: Rep. Jessica González-(512) 463-0408 
Members: Rep. Michelle Beckley -(512) 463-0478 
Rep. John H. Bucy III- (512) 463-0696 
Rep. Travis Clardy- (512) 463-0592  
Rep. Art Fierro- (512) 463-0596  
Rep. Jacey Jetton- (512) 463-0710 
Rep. Mike Schofield-(512) 463-0528 
Rep. Valoree Swanson- (512) 463-0572  

Texas Senate Committee on State Affairs
CHAIR: Bryan Hughes- (512) 463-0101  
VICE-CHAIR: Brian Birdwell- (512) 463-0122  
Donna Campbell-(512) 463-0125  
Bob Hall- (512) 463-0102  
Eddie Lucio, Jr.- (512) 463-0127 
Jane Nelson-(512) 463-0112  
Beverly Powell- (512) 463-0110 
Charles Schwertner- (512) 463-0105  
Judith Zaffirini- (512) 463-0121  

"Adopt a Democrat County" Election Integrity Project! 

Goal:  Red counties (such a Bandera) are fortunate to have 100% GOP representation in our state house and federal offices. Because of that, we want to share our time, volunteers and resources with other counties  who have 1 or more democrat representatives. The goal is to help shore up their volunteer base with activists who are willing to lobby their democrat legislators to support election integrity bills that make our elections more secure and clean up our voter rolls. 


*We understand that most of our Republican legislators will vote the way we want them to vote on election integrity. However, it is still important to know that for sure! Before assisting a democrat county, it is imperative that all red counties get assurance from all their GOP legislators that they will support all legislation that makes our elections more secure.

If you would like to volunteer for our "Adopt a Democrat County" Election Integrity Project, please contact Bandera County Election Integrity Committee Chair Becky Lay at